Magickal Curios

Magickal Curios are magickal curiosities. They are items of suppsoed magickal, enchanted, or supernatural nature. They are said to hold energy and power. 

They can be animal, mineral, plant materia medica. They can be natural made or hand-made. 

Some examples are Rabbit feet, Alligator Feet, Chicken foot, Coyote tooth, Bob Cat Claw, Buckeye nut, Lodestone, Cascarilla Powdered Egg Shell, Mercury Dimes, Coffin Nails, Magickal Rice, Grave yard dirt, Cross roads dirt, Witch Balls,  Witches black salt, Horse Shoe, Huayruros (Lentil Bean), Adam & Eve Root, Red Brick Dust, Rose of Jericho, Rail road spikes, Shells, Wish Beans, Snake skin, Rattle Snake Bone, Evil Eye, Etc.

Luna carries the highest quality curiosities, and curios. Her hand made items are made from the finest ingredients. 

All animal curious were harvested humanly and many come from animals that naturally died.

Items sold as curios only.