Enchanted Witch Stuff Boxes

Enchanted Witch Stuff

“Enchanted Boxes for the Discerning Modern Witch”!!!

An Authentic Witch Goods Box Crafted by Real Witches. Released in time for each Quarter Day; Yule, Ostara, Litha, & Mabon.

The Idea of Enchanted Witch Stuff came to Luna on Litha 2018.  Luna has been working on what she would want in a "Witch Box". She decided on higher end items, that are Witchy Chic as well as quality and full of Energy.

 Each box will come out before the quarter day turn of the wheel. The first box out in time for Yule is all about Sacred Space and Cleansing.

It will debut by the end of November.

These boxes are limited edition and quantities. Once they are gone they are gone forever.