High John the Conqueror Root

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High John the Conqueror Root.

High John the Conqueror Root is associated in Conjure Folklore with High John the Conqueror. It is said that John the Conqueror fell in love with the demon Lilith and to win her hand in marriage the devil gave him the challenge to sow 60 acres in a half a day.

 Lilith gave John a magical axe to help him complete the task but also admitted - the Devil meant to kill John even if he did complete the task. Once complete Lilith and John vowed to never use their powers and planned an escape to Africa

Before leaving for Africa it is said that John left his powers in America in the root of the southern plant,  High John (Ipomoea jalapa or Ipomoea purga), a powerful plant species. The plant was introduced to the slaves by the American Indians and has become a staple in Hoodoo. 

Possessing the root is said to bring Luck, Love, Success, Money, Good Health, Protection, Confidence, Strength, and also said to help one conquer and situation.

It is carried as a talisman and has been incorporated into magick and spells.

High John the Conqueror is also said to help build confidence, fight depression, and build self-esteem. Conquering emotions that do not serve you. Use along with St. Dymphna ( the Celtic Saint) and pray to relieve depression and anxiety.

High John the Conqueror is a commanding root and brings power, personal mastery, and strengthens things by its nature.

It is wonderful to use to help one win at anything including court, and is a valuable addition to court case workings.  It is also wonderful when trying to gain employment and get picked for a job, or during interview.

It is also said to help with cleansing, unjinxing and unhexing, and bestows blessings on those who carry the root or work with the roots energy.

(We do have High John the Conqueror Root Oil available in Collection under Conjure,Condition, spiritual & magickal oil / magickal oils).

Anoint root with High John the Conqueror Oil, Van Van Oil, Hoyt's Cologne or Whiskey then use it in your spell work.

For money spell anoint root wrap root in a bill such a two dollar bill to draw luck or another bill to draw luck or money. You can add other money drawing herbs or oils etc. You can carry in pocket or place in green or red mojo bag to carry with you.

The root  can be used in money drawing, prosperity, and abundance workings. It  can bring mastery, success, and luck to any working you are doing.

This is for one High John the Conqueror Root. Size of Root depends on what is on hand, most often this will be for a medium or large size root as shown. Luna will hand pick the best root for you.


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