Crafting Witches: Create your own Scrying Black Mirror with Luna


                                                    Crafting Witches 
                              Create your own Scrying Black Mirror with Luna


Crafting Witches: So, you want to be a Witch? ... We're back! Luna Enchanted's ongoing group meets monthly to share, learn, and communicate, with like-minded witches.  Ritual, Magick, and Crafting are all a part of what we do and much more.


A journey of more than a year and a day. Crafting a life as an Eclectic Witch /Priestess of the Olde ways.

This offering is open to both beginner and skilled practitioners or witches of any path.


In this ongoing monthly series, you will learn what it takes to be a witch. It is a continuing series of practice, ritual, and study.


In this installment of Crafting Witches, we will be creating our own Scrying Black Mirror with Luna.  Energy Exchange for this Workshop is $27.


We will be learning how to create, consecrate/bless, cleanse and use our magickal tool.


Scrying Mirrors aka Black Mirrors have been used for millennia for divination. They use reflective black surfaces that help one divine or peer into the darkness and see messages, symbols, or visions. They are a doorway to gaining spiritual knowledge. 


The ancient Greeks used mirror-like surfaces to connect to the realm of the dead, as a necromantic tool,-"Necromancy". The mirror of choice to connect to the realm of the dead is a black mirror. It enables us to connect to a more profound altered state of consciousness. The black mirror can be a gateway or portal to the realm of the dead.


Mirror gazing gives one a glimpse into other realms, increases our intuition, and is inspirational.  It is a serious spiritual tool that helps one grow on their spiritual path.


Beltane, like Samhain, is the perfect time to create, and consecrate such a tool. On these cross-quarter festivals, the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. Please join Luna for a night of crafting, and ritual.


We will create our mirror, consecrate and bless our mirror, a magickal tool bringing it to life, learn to properly cleanse, and then use our mirror as well do a meditation/spirit quest to connect to the energies of our mirror.


To reserve your spot please purchase through the link or text Luna at 845-233-0999.