Usui Reiki Energy Healing Certification

Reiki Energy Healing Classes:

Our Next Usui Reiki Classes are:

Usui Reiki Level 1 beginning Wed. June 7, 2023

at 7PM (See Luna for more information) Facebook Link Below



Our Next Crystal Reiki Class:

Crystal Reiki Certification Level 1 Class coming soon

10:00am -6pm 

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See Luna Enchanted Facebook events or call shop for further information.

At Luna Enchanted we are excited to offer Usui Reiki Energy Healing Classes.

Learn how to heal yourself, others, and become a Master Teacher of the Usui Reiki System of healing.

Usui Reiki Healing Energy System:

Do you have a desire to change your life with positive healing energy? Reiki is a beautiful, restorative, channeled healing energy that is given to us by Spirit & accessed through attunements & sacred symbols. Usui Reiki is taught in a series of stages or degrees, in which we release what no longer serves us. It helps us learn to love & know ourselves on a deeper level.

At Luna Enchanted, we do not teach Reiki Warrior Style, meaning in 1-2 days. Reiki requires a commitment. In Reiki level 1, you learn to heal yourself. We meet for 4 weekly sessions, 2 hours each & you receive 4 individual attunements, 1 per week; Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual attunements. Along with learning about your Reiki lineage, crystals, auras, chakras, hand-placements of Reiki & receive your first symbol. 

In Reiki level 2, you learn how to heal others. You will receive 1 attunement, learn hand-placements, ethics of Reiki, distance healing, get 2 new symbols, as well as get a 6-8 week hands on Reiki internship, where you get to practice on fellow students and the public.

Finally in the Reiki Master/Teacher Class you receive 1 more attunement, Master symbol, learn how to attune and teach others Reiki, as well as how to send distance Reiki healing through crystal grids. 

You receive a Reiki Manual for each level as well as a certificate you can frame.

Luna Hacker, proprietress of Luna Enchanted, is a Usui Reiki- Master Teacher with over 15 years experience. 



Reiki Level 1 Class



Reiki Master Class