Rose of Jericho Resurrection Flower

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In Catholic folklore the Rose of Jericho is associated with Christ's crucifixion and resurrection. The plant was said to bloom consistently while Jesus was alive. At his death, the plant mysteriously shriveled up and withered.  On the third day when it is said Jesus  resurrected, the plant blossomed once again, symbol of his rebirth.

Today some Christians continue to use the Rose of Jericho in their religious observances as part of Christmas and Easter celebrations.

In Hoodoo, the Rose of Jericho is associated with spells for prosperity and money drawing It is known to increase one's prosperity. 

The water the plant sits in is believed to contain powerful manifestation and magickal properties.  The Rose of Jericho can bring in protection, and ward off evil, bring peace, and draw love.

Rose of Jericho Flowers are a gift of the desert spirit associated with plant.

Place plant in a glass bowl with a few inches of  shallow water ( do not over water)

Add coins, copper, & crystals to plant water. For prosperity keep plant near entryway.

At full moon replace crystals and spend coins. You can rinse plant off lightly on full moon, place new items in bowl and fresh water.

Save the discarded water in a spray bottle and spray doorways, altars, etc to draw money, protection, etc.

This is for one Rose of Jericho Flower only! Oil sold separately.

Item sold as curio only. 


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