Lucky Alligator Foot

  • $7.00


Lucky Alligator Foot is a prized charm in the Southern United States.  It is said to draw luck, increase gambling luck, and said to be highly protective charm. It is said to protect money, and help one gain money.

It can be carried, worn as a charm, or on a key chain. It can be added to a mojo or charm bag along with other lucky charms, amulets and herbs and carried for luck. Other charms that are nice to combine with the Lucky Alligator foot are buckeye nut, lucky hand root, lodestones, pyrite, etc. 

You can anoint a Lucky Alligator foot with fast luck, money drawing oil, or show me the money oil, to draw further luck and prosperity.

You can take Alligator foot dress with a money oil such as, Green Devil Lucky Money Oil, place a dollar coin or mercury dime, along with a piece of pyrite or lodestone into claw of foot. Wrap foot in green cloth and carry to draw money and keep your money safe. You can also place by your bank book or on your money altar. 

This is for one small alligator foot.

Item sold as curio only. 


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