Crafting Witches: So you want to be a Witch?

 Crafting Witches is going Virtual. Stay tuned!

Crafting Witches: So you want to be a Witch?   Luna Enchanted has a group that meets monthly on Tuesdays, from 7-9 PM to share, learn, and communicate with like minded Witches!

Ritual, Magick, Crafting are all apart of what we do and much more.

A journey of more than a year and a day. Crafting a life as an Eclectic Witch/ Priestess of the Olde Ways!  This offering is open to both the new and skilled practitioners or Witches of any path.

In this on going monthly series you will learn what it takes to be a Witch.  It is a continuing series of practice, study & ritual. 

Why choose to be an Eclectic Witch? When you practice Eclectic Witchcraft you are a versatile practitioner, utilizing individual elements from a variety of sources.  You have the ability to take from different traditions, practices and sometimes even religions; taking what serves you and leaving what does not. It makes you a strong unique modern Witch that has a vast background and knowledge of practice & ritual. 

We meet twice a month on TBA (to be announced) Tuesdays around the Waxing, Full or Waning Moon. 

Energy Exchange is $20-30 dollars depending on the workshop/ supplies needed. You will also have access to our private Facebook group that we can post in and ask questions and share our experiences.

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