Hoodoo Green Money Rice

  • $5.00

Hoodoo Green Money Rice traditional in Hoodoo, New Orleans Voodoo, & Gypsy Magick is great to shift energies, attract a prosperity, abundance, draws employment, promotion, raise, get clients, success and MONEY.

It can be used in charm bags, mojos, bottle spells, sprinkle in your wallet, by your desk, on your money altar, in your mailbox, at work and home. 

Place a dish of rice by computer or phone to draw new or more business.  Place rice in safe, bank vault, bank box, money box, cash box, or in open dish by door of business to draw customers. Throw around corners of home or by front and back door in plants or small dish to draw money or under door mats.

**Keep rice away from children and animals choking hazard. Place in mojo and hang over door if animals or children are nearby.**

Hoodoo Green Money Rice is made in a traditional way with premium ingredients including money drawing herbs, road opening herbs, success herbs, etc. Rice, crystals, money confetti, small dice, tiger's eye, citrine, green aventurine, peridot, pyrite, lodestone, and essential oils among other herbs and curios.

Luna’s Hoodoo Green Money Rice is charged in a ritual during the proper astrological timing and moon phase. 


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