Lucky Lodestone

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 Lucky Lodestones are coveted for the magnetic powers. They use the ability to attract what you desire.

You can clean them with whiskey or Hoyts cologne (I don't recommend soaking them as they will rust) Just spray or splash with whiskey or the cologne just to clean them.

You can add them to spells, spiritual workings, mojos, gris gris, for added magnetic or attraction power.

Lodestone's are naturally magnetic minerals. In Hoodoo and Conjure they are coveted for their drawing power. They are known to draw what you want and fast.

Lodestones are said to bring in luck, love, prosperity and much more. Whatever you want to attract it can bring. 

Lodestones are also said to drive away negative energies, beings as well and can be a part of good riddance work. 

To draw money take your favorite lodestone spray with Hoyt's cologne or whiskey. Let it air dry, get a dish or plate (I like to use a money altar plate or a dollar store plate just for this purpose) Write a petition for your need. Use Money drawing oil, lucky lodestone oil, Van van oil etc and put 5 drops (4 in corners and 1 in center) Place your lodestone on top of the petition on plate. Feed with Iron filings. You can pray Psalm 23 everyday over it and reinstate your petition.

Lodestone's can last for years if treated well and fed when needed.

This is for one Lucky Lodestone

Item sold as curio only. 


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