Magickal Sachet Powders, Sprinkles, Magick Dust, Potpourri & Sweeps.

Magickal powders also called sprinkles, sachet powders, and dust have been a part of Hoodoo and European Magick traditions for centuries. These powders can be used to draw, compel, command, control, attract luck, money and love.

Utilizing ground up ingredients such as herbs, roots, curios in a powder base these potent powders can be used to raise power and make magick. 

Take a pinch in your hand, envision what you desire, once you feel you have raised that energy you can blow the powder to the four directions. You can throw it into running water, Sprinkle on ground where target may walk through it or where it will be utilized most. You can add it to incense and burn it. Or use on a candle along with a conjure oil to further manifest your desire. You can also add them to mojo bags, and use on amulets, talisman, and on poppets.

Luna recommends you can take a mini-taper and apply a magickal oil to it, then roll the candle in the powder  focus on your intention and burn candle. ( Remember never leave burning candles, incense etc unattended.) She also at times adds ground up incense or herbs to candle along with powder.

You can also use the powder as offering to Spirit and use to draw sigils or veve's to further your magick. 

Magickal Floor sweeps are wonderful sprinkled near door mats, corners of home, business etc. They can draw or repel energies. 

Luna loves using sweet on me style powders on her hands after a disagreement with a loved one to get them to be sweeter to me ;)

Powders are made with the finest ingredients and charged magickally with Spirit and intention in a ritual during the proper astrological and Moon phases.