Do As I Say "Command & Compel" Self-Igniting Incense

  • $7.00

Do As I Say "Command & Compel"  Self-Igniting Incense.  Luna's incenses are magickally charged and made with the finest ingredients.

Luna's Do As I Say "Command & Compel"  Incense Powder  works as a command and compel incense to get your target (intended) to do as you want.

You can use this incense bring in wanted energies, empower spell work etc.

Luna's Do As I Say "Command & Compel"  incense comes straight from her Book of Shadows, and is made with Licorice root and other fine ingredients.

Use in a heat safe container or incense burners. Never leave burning items unattended.

 Do not Ingest! 

Item sold as Curio!

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