Love Drawing Floor Sweep

  • $9.00

Love Drawing Floor Sweep.  Luna's Floor Sweeps are prepared in a traditional fashion. They are magickally charged and made with the finest ingredients.

Luna's Love Drawing Floor Sweeps works like come to me, it can encourage the interest of someone you know or an unknown love. 

You can sprinkle floor sweep on door mats, around door jams, and in corners. You can sprinkle under couch or back door etc. Let stay a week and then sweep out and replace with new sweep. 

This sweep can be vacuumed or swept with a broom. ** Test before you use on carpet and wood floors** 

You can also keep in a jar by the door and toss out once a week if you do not want to sprinkle on floor or have pets.

Sprinkle is made with Baking Soda, Salt along with herbs and essential oils.


Luna's Love Drawing Floor Sweep comes from her Book of Shadows, and is charged in a special ritual to draw love. 



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