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Mojo Bags are a form of amulet, found in both European Magick and Hoodoo, and New Orleans Voodoo. 

Mojo Bags are also known as Gris Gris Bags, Conjure Hands, Lucky hands, or Toby's.

They are little spell bags, intention or prayer bags, you can carry on your person or leave in a safe place that will attract the needed energy into you life.

Your Luna Enchanted Mojo bag comes fully charged but for optimal results you should feed it. You will receive full instructions on how to feed your mojo. 

Luna mojo's may contain herbs, roots, resins, seeds, bark, curios, petitions, cotton batting, feathers, crystals, beads, etc. They are charged in a special magickal ritual. They also are reiki-charged.(Reiki is a healing energy system that brings good energies in) 

Each Mojo bag is created by Luna, think of her as Witch Mixologist, divining all the right ingredients to put into your bag and concocting the perfect spell. Each bag is prayed over and charged by Luna from start to finish.

If you order a customized mojo from Luna they will be charged just for you in a special ritual. These item do take longer to make so please give 2 weeks preparation time. Magick  done right should not be rushed. 

Blessed Be!



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