Personalized Magickal Mojo Bags

  • $35.00

Personalized Magickal Mojo Bags.  

Each Mojo bag is created by Luna, of Luna Enchanted. A Root worker, Witch, Healer and Psychic Medium with more than 20 years Magickal Experience.

Think of Luna as your personal Witch Mixologist, divining all the right ingredients to put into your bag and concocting the perfect spell for you! 

Very Special Personalized Enchanted Mojo Bags personalized and ritually charged just for you containing herbs, roots, berries, seeds, resins, crystals, oils, and other curios.

Your Mojo will be dressed with very special beads, and charms along with beautiful ribbons and feathers. As always each bag is prayed over by Luna from start to finish and charged in a very special ritual just for you. 

(If you need a Mojo that is not listed, please select Special Circumstance Bag and we can discuss your concern/purpose.)

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