Yaya Fertility Oil

  • $11.00

Luna's Yaya Fertility Oil is a proprietary blend based on an old formula used to draw good luck in helping to conceive, get pregnant.

Use this oil on an orange candle with you wish carved into candle. Place around candle rose quartz, carnelian and garnet. Place stones in red or orange bag and carry with you in your pocket.

Use on a Mojo  (Spell or Prayer Bag) to attract positive energies.

Luna's proprietary blend contains vetivert essential oil , Rose petals, rose quartz, carnelian and garnet, as well as other herbs and curios.

This formula is from Luna's personal Book of Shadows!
It is not mass produced!
It is made in Cojure style and is charged in a very special ritual.

This oil takes time to prepare and is conjured during the appropriate Lunar Cycle as well for added magickal strength. 

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