Witches Shield Protection Spray

  • $11.00

Witches Shield Spray: Protection Spray

Shielding, Protection Spray. 

Do you feel other people’s stuff? Do you find yourself upset for no reason or picking up on other’s energies? Then this spray is for you. 

Ward off negative energies, people, entities.

Helps Empaths. Grounds.

Protects, Clears, Purifies, Cleanses.

Made with Essential Oils, Distilled Water, Crystals, and Energy.

Proprietary Blend made with Frankincense essential oil which grounds, centers, reduces stress, spiritually protects, Clove which protects and breaks any attachments, Cypress Essential Oils which bring in comfort, harmony and protection and Other Proprietary ingredients.

Do not Ingest. Do not spray near eyes. 

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