Untruthful Oil Be Sorry and Do Better

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Untruthful Oil. Be Sorry and Do Better.

Do you have someone who hurt you but doesn't want to change and will not apologize? This is the oil for that. Get them to see their mistakes no more Sorry Not Sorry out of them! This will help them see the error of their ways and get them on the road to change.

If your partner cheats and doesn't care add this to a commanding follow me boy or come to me recipe and they can do what you finally expect.
Use on a people candle carve their name in candle dress with oil. Write petition. And burn candle. Get what you want!

Luna's Untruthful Oil formula helps get them to feel bad and make needed changes.  
Luna's proprietary blend from her book of shadows has Rose,  as well as other herbs and curios. 
This oil can be used to anoint candles, mojos, amulets, doll babies etc. You can use this oil to facilitate changes in your relationship and get them to do better by you and even themselves.
This oil is made in Conjure style and is charged in a very special ritual.

This oil takes time to prepare and is conjured during the appropriate Lunar Cycle as well.

This Oil is prepared, prayed over, and magickally charged by Luna, a practicing Witch, and Hoodoo practitioner with over 20 years magickal experience.

Item sold as curio.

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