"Tie Them Up" Binding Oil

"Tie Them Up" Binding Oil

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"Tie them Up" Binding Oil is from Luna's Book of Shadows and is based on a traditional recipe.  Use in bindings whether you are binding for protection from harm from someone or binding someone from hurting themselves. 

This oil can be used in protection, banishing etc work. to provide protection from harm. This oil is strong stuff and comes from  Luna's dark arts collection.

This is serious stuff! And remember even though we may want to curse someone who has wronged us first. Only God will truly deliver a curse. So be right with yourself before you use this oil. Choose wisely how and why you use such a formula. Use this only to protect yourself or someone you care about from harm. 

 Made in small batches, magickally prepared and charged during the precise moon and astrological phase for that added punch, Luna's oils are made with premium ingredients.

This proprietary oil blend contains essential oils, herbs, roots, seeds, resins, curious including Devil's Shoe String, Cloves, among other ingredients. 

Use on people candle, doll babies, poppets etc.  Always spiritually cleanse yourself after doing any of these dark arts workings. Cleanse your work space/altar, yourself etc. You can take a spiritual bath, use Florida water etc. Minimum use Florida water after spell on your hands and work space.

Remember Karma can return to you! So make sure you are doing a working that is fair and right or expect Karma to reign back on you in time! 

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