Success ($¢¢$$) Magickal Mojo Spell Kit

  • $15.00

Do you need better prosperity or money energy? Are you starting a new job, venture, or just want to draw more finances?  

Try a Money ($¢¢$$) Magickal Mojo Spell.  Money spells can usher in positive energies, road opening, money drawing, success, and general good luck in regards to money.

They are said to change energy and bring in good luck.

Luna's Money ($¢¢$$) Magickal Mojo Spell kit comes from her book of shadows. It has a money mojo which is a tiny prayer bag filled with herbs and curios and positive intentions and prayers to draw positive energy, money and protect your money. 

Luna's Success More Money Spell comes with  a green mini-taper, Show me the Money oil,  incense, money mojo and full instructions.

Item sold as curio only.

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