Santa Muerte Love, Prosperity &, Protection & Blessings Talisman

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Santa Muerte Love, Prosperity, Protection & Blessings Talisman.
Santa Muerte is also known as Most Holy Death, La Nina Flaca, La Nina Blanca, among her many other names.

This Talisman has been crafted and prayed over and blessed on Luna's Santisima Muerte Altar. It can be charged for any specific petition or for any person. Please send message for special request.

Holy Death should not be feared but venerated. She is the living embodiment of love, and does the Father's Divine work including helping those cross over to live in the light of resurrection.

Prayer to Santisima Muerte

Most Holy Mother, Lady of my Heart,
I surrender myself to you,
Chosen by the Father, Immortal and Divine,
You may dwell in the Shadows, but you are the Angel of life,
Ushering in the light, and Dawn of the Resurrection.

My Beautiful Bony Lady I call upon you, before thee I stand,
I humbly ask that you grant me Mercy, Keep me free from sickness & evil, and protect all that I love.
Through your Owl of Wisdom, please enlighten me,

Santisma Muerte, gracious daughter of death, known by many names, I call upon you in my hour of need,
I ask you to grant me intercession,
Please hear and answer my petition, …….

O Holy Death, I exalt you, Divine Mother, Keeper of infinite Mysteries,
Chosen by God to do his most important work,
Hear and answer my prayers. Amen.

This Amulet has been blessed with Holy Water from the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, In the Bronx, NY. This very special Holy place has healing and miracles associated with it.
It has been charged with Reiki and IET, Intergrated Energy Therapy, ( Healing with the Angels) and a special ritual charged on Santa Muerte's altar.

The little glass ball only about 1 1/2 inches is filled with herbs roots and crystals. Including Black Tourmaline, Tiger's eye, Hematite, garnet, rose quartz. 

The ball has the Santa Muerte sigil as well inside back of ball. It also comes with a small key charm  ( symbolizing open roads) and a Santa Muerte Charm.  It has a charged petition.


 Hang in home, car or business to draw prosperity, love, protection and blessings. Makes a great gift.


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