Saint Martha Love $ Protection
Saint Martha Love $ Protection
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Saint Martha Love $ Protection

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Saint Martha is a Canonized Catholic Saint, accounted in the Bible.  She was known to have lived when Jesus did and was Mary Magdelene and Saint Lazarus' Sister. She is known to have waited on and served Christ and the Apostles. It is said that after Christ died she went to France and took out a dragon aka "the Devil'. 

In Catholicism she is the Patron Saint of Waitresses, and the Service Industry. 

In Hoodoo, she is petitioned for love, money/prosperity, and protection.

She is known to be able to control a man and can compel a man to do what a woman wants. She is said to return a man that cheats or wanders from his wife. She is said to be able to bring a man to his knees.

Although it is said in some traditions that St. Martha does not like men or will not work well for them, I find that she does work for and with men that honor her and that are good to the women in their lives.

St. Martha is also known to help you win at court and get justice. She can help remove obstacles, break spells, uncross, and can dominate a situation. 

Saint Martha's day is Tuesday and green and white are her associated colors.

Take 3 green mini-taper candles with a white crucifix candle carve your petition into the green candles and the target's name on the crucifix candle, anoint with Saint Martha oil. 

Prayer to Saint Martha

"Saint Martha, I resort to the and to thy petition and faith,

I offer up to thee this light 

Comfort me in all my difficulties through the great favor thou did enjoy when our Saviour lodged in thy house.

I beseech thee to have definite pity in regard to my petition,

Intercede for me.... (state petition)

I ask thee Saint Martha to overcome the dragon which thou did cast at thy feet.


This oil comes from Luna's book of Shadows. It is made from the finest ingredients, including rose, spikenard, and other essential oils, roots, herbs and curios. 

This Oil is prepared, prayed over, and magickally charged by Luna, a practicing Witch, and Hoodoo practitioner with over 20 years magickal experience.