Saint Joseph Home/House Selling Kit

  • $11.00

Saint Joseph Home/House Selling Kit ( Also useful for buying a home too)
The tradition of burying a statue of Saint Joseph comes from an ancient Catholic custom of burying depictions of Saints to invoke God's blessing through the Saint's intercession. 

Today the Underground Realtor Saint Joseph can help you either sell  your home or buy a new one. There are many documented accounts of Saint Joseph's help in this area.
Just as the Virgin Mary and Jesus looked to Saint Joseph as a provider, his guidance can help you in the sale of your property or home.While there is no guarantee that the practice will work, faith and belief go a long way and in today's real estate market it can't hurt!
Included in this Kit are 3 1/2 inch plastic Saint Joseph Statue, prayer, and full instructions.

Item sold as a curio only.

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