Rue Leaves

Rue Leaves

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Rue Leaves.

Rue leaves  also known as Ruda, Mother of herbs, and Garden Rue, are used for protection, cleansing, uncrossing, unhexing, and spell breaking.

It protects one from the evil eye. It can be worn as an amulet against evil eye. 

Rue is said to remove jinxes especially when concerning love.  It can draw love, and heal a heart or relationship.

Use Rue in healing and good health mojos, incense, and spells. Rue also brings safety and protection.

Dress a candle with rue, uncrossing oil, benzoin, lemongrass, copal to reverse or reverse a curse or spell.

Rue also helps draw mental acuity, clarity and focus.

Luna Enchanted uses the finest botanicals, herbs, roots, berries, seeds etc. Botanicals come pre-bagged. 

Items sold as curio only.


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