Rose Quartz Crystal

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Rose Quartz gets it's name from its beautiful Rosie/Pink color. It is also known as the " Love Stone" and "Heart Stone". Folklore about Rose Quartz states that it helps draw love, universal love, reconciliation, peace, and self-esteem.

Rose Quartz is said to help babies, and children sleep soundly and prevent nightmares. 

Rose Quartz is a said to be a stone of protection, warding off evil, spite, and all negative energies and lower vibrational spirits. 

Rose Quartz is known to be the Healer's Stone. It is said to be a wonderful stone to heal the heart chakra, and emotional issues. Said to reduce stress, fear and anger. It is also known to taper grief in those that have lost loved ones. 

Rose Quartz is an excellent stone to help one ground after psychic or spiritual work.

Carry Rose quartz in a bag with rose petals to draw love, keep rose quartz by your bed to draw protection while you sleep and help relieve emotional stress.  

Give Rose Quartz to an expecting mom to put on shelf or hang high away from baby in bag,  in nursery, to help baby to sleep through night.

Combine Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Unakite, and Lepidolite Stone in a bag to help those suffering from addiction, recovering from addiction, or from addictive behaviors and also suffering from anxiety, depression or mental illness.

Combine Rose Quartz, Garnet and Carnelian in a bag to protect pregnancy, draw fertility, and protect mother and baby after birth.

Rose Quartz is the perfect stone for children, adults, elderly, pets, and plants. ( Always be careful with pets and children to keep stone high enough out of the way so they cannot swallow it) It can still work very well in a room at a distance.

Luna Enchanted carries this stone in both tumbled and raw varieties. You can choose which one you like. 

This is for 1 Rose Quartz Crystal Stone, either tumbled or raw.

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