Rhodonite Gemstone

  • $4.00

Rhodonite (Rhodon Greek for Rose) is known as the "Burning Rose".  Folklore about Rhodonite states that it helps draw love, peace, and heals emotional wounds.

Rhodonite is said to clear the heart chakra, and balance yin/yang energies. 

Rhodonite is said to heal bitter feelings and rifts between family and friends, and encourage reconciliation through patience and nurturing. It brings in compassion, forgiveness, and releases fear. 

Rhodonite carried at work is said to help bring recognition, and good energies.

Rhodonite is said to help cooler heads prevail, reduce anger, and cussing, especially in teens.

Carry Rhodonite in a bag with Black Tourmaline for protection, ward off evil,  and prevent psychic attack.

 Rhodonite is said to replenish physical energy and restore body. 

Rhodonite is said to spiritually relieve skin issues/conditions, allergies, and autoimmune issues. 

Rhodonite is said to heal past issues, emotional trauma, and trauma victims. It can keep one calm.

Carry Rhodonite with Rose Quartz and Lavender Flowers to draw peace, healing and love.

. This is for 1 Rhodonite Crystal Gemstone.

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