Retribution/ Return to Sender

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  Are you being targeted? Are you under magickal attack? Do you think someone has cursed you?  Is someone spreading rumors or lies? Do you want some one to shut up and leave you alone? Do you want to send back what they have done to you? Be Karma's maiden? 

Retribution/ Return to Sender Oil. Reversible Curse Oil.

Return to sender / Retribution oil is made with the finest ingredients and is a proprietary blend from Luna's Book of Shadows. It has crab shell powder, lemongrass, Witches Black Salt to name a few ingredients.

Luna’s Retribution/ Return to Sender Oil comes from her Dark Arts Collection. It can help break the spell and return what was sent to you back to them.

This recipe is based on a traditional Hoodoo formula. It’s strong stuff!

Made in small batches, magickally prepared and charged during the precise moon and astrological phase for that added punch.

Use on people candle, doll babies, poppets etc.  Always spiritually cleanse yourself after doing any of these dark arts workings. Cleanse your work space/altar, yourself etc. You can take a spiritual bath, use Florida water etc. Minimum use Florida water after spell on your hands and work space.

Use on a black mini taper candle with target's name carved into candle. Put oil on in an upward motion to bring to fruition what you want.

You can a drop of oil on their chair, or belongings, or spray near where they would be.

Remember Karma can return to you! So make sure you are doing a working that is fair and right or expect Karma to reign back on you in time! 

This item is sold as a curio only. 

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