Peaceful Family Home Oil

  • $9.00

Luna's Peaceful Family Home Oil comes from a traditional conjure formula; it is used to draw peace, tranquility, happiness and overall to just get everyone to "settle down" and play well with each other.

Peaceful Family Home oil, from Luna's Book of Shadows is conjured with the finest ingredients including  Basil herb, Rosemary (gives a woman power) lavender, as well other proprietary herbs, roots, & curios etc. 

Think of the possibilities here. Keeping the teens in line, getting the husband to play nice with your parents, having less baby mama drama, your mother-in-law gives you a break, less fighting and yelling in the home, more cooperation, kids doing homework without such an argument, chores being accomplished with less back talk.... my oh my! lol!!  And so much more. 

I would recommend adding this to a floor wash or a candle you burn in the home. I would add some to a cloth and rub it on door handles, and draw handles ;) 



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