Papa Legba "Saint Peter" Road Opener Oil

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 Papa Legba " Saint Peter" Road Opening Oil.

Papa Lega in Haitian Vodou, is the Lwa who serves as the intermediary between the Lwa and humanity. He stands at a spiritual crossroads and gives (or denies) permission to speak with the spirits.

He is positioned as "gate-keeper" between the worlds of the living and the mysteries. He is often identified with Saint Peter who holds a comparable position in Catholic tradition.

This Oil is a proprietary blend from Luna's book of shadows. It  has 2 keys representing the keys to heaven, to open all gates and doors. The key to the cross roads. The Oil is filled with herbs, roots and curios including Abre Camino root, lemongrass and other herbs that facilitate movement an obstacle removing.

It was charged in a special ritual on Papa Legba's Altar. 

"Papa Legba Opent the gate for me, ago e!
Antibon Legba Open the gate for me!
Open the gate for me, Papa, for me to pass,
When I return I will thank the Lwa.


Use on an orange, yellow mini-taper for road opening and success. Use on green candle to draw money. Use on red or pink to draw success in love.

Use on mojo bags, or prayer bags, on candles, doll babies, in spiritual baths, and in spells.

Luna is a baptized Vodou Priestess. She works and honors the Lwa in her everyday life. The Lwa also spelled Loa are intermediaries or intercessors between us and God (Bondye/ the Good God) the supreme being and creator of the world. The Lwa are synchronized with Catholic Saints. The Lwa are not simply prayed to but they are served. Serving spirit is an honor and a responsibility for a priestess of Vodou by serving spirit you gain a closeness to the spirit world and a stronger connection to God/ Spirit overall. "Bondye Beni Ou!"


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