No Energy Vampires Spray: No Energy Suckers

  • $9.00

No Energy Vampires Spray: No Energy Suckers

Shielding, Protection Spray

Do you ever feel drained, after dealing with certain people or situations.

Do you work with people or have to deal with situations that suck you dry.

Energy Vampires are said to be people who zap your energy dry. 

Whether you are feeling depressed, down, energetically drained, or fatigued this spray can cleanse and help restore you to better energies.

Made with Essential Oils, Distilled Water, Crystals, and Energy.

Proprietary Blend made with Angelica Root essential oil, which exorcises negative energies and entities, Clove which protects and breaks any attachments, Orange and Lemon Essential Oils which bring in positive energies, and open roads and Other Proprietary ingredients.

Do not Ingest. Do not spray near eyes. 

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