Money Key Oil

  • $11.00


Money Key  Oil should be a basic staple in any magickal cupboard.  This oil will help with and bring power to any money spell, and help you master any financial situation, or working.  It gives you the key to open all doors related to money.
Each Money Key Oil, from Luna's book of shadows, has a piece of Master Root in it along with basil, five finger grass and other proprietary herbs, roots and curios including a small key, evil eye, pyrite, money crystals and real shredded money.

This oil can be used to anoint candles, mojos, amulets, doll babies etc. You can use this to open your roads to success, prosperity, money, luck, abundance and work.
Combine with Road opener oil to clear your path and bring in luck and the ultimate positive changes.
This oil is made in Conjure style and is charged in a very special ritual.

This oil takes time to prepare and is conjured during the appropriate Lunar Cycle as well.

This Oil is prepared, prayed over, and magickally charged by Luna, a practicing Witch, and Hoodoo practitioner with over 20 years magickal experience.

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