Love Spell Box

  • $25.00

Luna Enchanted’s latest Enchanted Witch Stuff box! Love Spell just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Comes with Luna’s Love and Roses Spray, Spray to raise the love vibrations in your space. Sage Smudge Blend, to clear out old energies and set the bar for higher vibration energies. Amour Love Bath, add to bath to raise your energies. Amour self-igniting incense, burn to bring in positive love energies and clear out what doesn’t serve you. Luna’s famous fixed love votive candle and spell parchment. Hoodoo pink love rice, sprinkle around candle or altar to attract loving energies and pink rose quartz crystal heart, reiki-charged for healing the heart chakra.

Limited Edition.

$25 available in store and online.