Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

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Lemon Balm.

Lemon Balm, also known as Melissa ,Officinalis, Bergamot Mint, Sweet Melissa, Bee Balm, is said to be an herb of purification, cleansing, open roads, and remover of bad luck. 

Lemon Balm is used for jinx removal, and uncrossing.

 Lemon balm draws love, a new lover. It can draw one out of their committed relationship and to you. Such a married man away from his wife or vice versa.

Lemon balm is healing, and is said to make one look and feel younger.

 Luna Enchanted uses the finest botanicals, herbs, roots, berries, seeds etc. Botanicals come pre-bagged. 

Items sold as curio only.


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