Hotei Buddha Lucky Buddha Money Spell

  • $23.00

Hotei Buddha Lucky Buddha Money Spell; Money Drawing Spell.

Hotei Buddha also called Laughing/ Happy Buddha, Lucky Buddha (Fat Buddha in West) is the Buddha in Chinese Taoism associated with contentment, happiness, good luck, Hotei is one of the Japanese Seven Lucky Gods.

Hotei can usher in good luck, happiness, prosperity, abundance and much more. The Hotei Buddha Lucky Money Spell is from Luna's book of shadows. 

The Spell can bring in prosperity, abundance, draw money, and general good money juju aka Vibes. 

This spell kit come with a green Hotei Buddha Candle, 3 green mini-tapers, Lucky Buddha Money Drawing oil, money drawing herbs, incantation, and full instructions.

"Om Vasudhare Svaha" = Buddhist Money Mantra. 

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