Has No Hanna Oil

  • $11.00


Has No Hanna Oil.  Will change your luck.

Luna's Has No Hanna Oil is based on a traditional New Orleans Voodoo blend.

This oil is an all-purpose oil that is good to draw money, love, gambling and much more. It draws good luck and changes bad luck to good.

Has No Hanna oil has Jasmine, Rose, Gardenia, iron filings, and other herbs, roots, curios and oils. Each jar includes the famous open safety pin.

This oil is a proprietary blend that Luna makes from her own book of shadows. 

This oil is prepared, prayed over, and Magickally charged by Luna, a practicing Witch, and Hoodoo Practioner with over 20 years magickal experience.

This oil can be used to draw money. It is said that if you anoint your wallet with Has No Hanna Oil you will never be without money/ prosperity.

This oil is said to keep a lover from straying and staying true.

It is a general oil to draw happy and positive situations.

Use this oil to Annoint Candles,
Feed Mojos or Conjure bags,
Anoint yourself.
There are many Magickal uses for this Oil

It is not mass produced!

It is made in Conjure style and is charged in a very special ritual.

This oil takes time to prepare and is conjured during the appropriate Lunar Cycle.

Sold as Curio only.


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