Harmony in Home Stop Fighting Simple Spell Kit

  • $7.00


 Harmony in Home, Stop Fighting Simple Spell Kit.  Do you need peace in your home? Is there arguing, and negative energies? This spell can help clear out the negative energies and bring more peace to the home and family.

This spell is also useful for place of business and other spaces.

Spell can make a needed change in energy. Spells are prayers or petitions of intention to Spirit.

This Simple spell kit comes with a fixed tea light candle, incense cone, White Sage and herbs in all in small tin.

You can do this spell anytime but  full moon is always best. 

Place tea light, incense, white sage on a heat safe dish, sprinkle herbs around dish. Concentrate on your intention, or write a petition or prayer for your intention and place under dish. Light candle, incense and tell Spirit your intention. Never leave candles or incense unattended. 

Item sold as curio only.

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