Good Witch Oil " Manifest the Good" Oil

  • $9.00

It is almost always better to turn the other cheek and do the right thing. Sometimes you want to manifest something better in your life to get away from all that drags you down. Maybe you want to manifest for a friend or family member that can't get things together. Maybe your boss is an ogre and you need a new job fast. This oil can move things along to help usher in the GOOD! 

This is a true Manifestation oil and can assist you to bring in all the positive things you desire. Remember you have to participate and try to help make these things you desire to happen too, but this oil will help move it along, and usually quicker.

Use the oil on candles, in spells, to fix candles, magickal mojos, sachets,  anoint yourself, your money, before gambling, before job interviews, dates etc.

Using the 5 spot method, take a tiny dab of oil on your finger and lightly dab the 4 corners and center of your resume. ( Do not use this on the actual one you send) Put it on a copy of your resume, and a drop on a citrine or tiger's eye crystal and pray psalm 23. Once you get the interview use a drop on the hand you will use to shake potential employers or HR staff with for added boost and carry crystals.

You can use this oil to do any good working to manifest, draw or attract positive things into your life.

Luna's proprietary blend of "Good Witch Oil"  is Made with an Almond Oil base, Essential oils, roots, berries, seeds, curious and crystals including Rue, Rose, lemongrass, lodestone Crystal and much much more! 

Luna's oils are magickally charged and made with the finest ingredients.

This Oil is prepared, prayed over, and magickally charged by Luna, a practicing Witch, and Hoodoo practitioner with over 20 years magickal experience.


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