Florida Water

  • $3.00

Spiritually Cleanse with Luna's Famous Florida Water. Florida water is a cologne known for its refreshing citrus scent and has been called the "most popular perfume in the world".  Her own "Special" recipe; Luna's special proprietary blend contains lemon, and orange oil amongst other essential oils and rose water. Florida water was named for the legendary "Fountain of Youth" professed to be located in Florida.  

Florida water is said to spiritually cleanse, purify, as well as consecrate sacred space. It is said to remove negative spiritual attachments and works similarly to smudge.

Originally this water was purported to help cure a headache and quell a fever.

Magickally you can use it in floor, and door washes, for protection and luck. To remove negativity in a spiritual bath, before a ritual to set sacred space, as an offering to ancestors and spirit, as a road opener and to usher in good luck, to cleanse magickal tools.

Luna suggests you use it when you are feeling overwhelmed by people at work, family or just need general protection or a pick me up. Luna's Famous Florida Water comes in a convenient 4 oz. spray bottle. 

Florida water's strong magickal properties have made it a staple in Witchcraft, Hoodoo, and African Traditional Religion practices.


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