Fiery Wall of Protection Oil

  • $11.00

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. 

Luna's Fiery Wall of Protection oil proprietary blend straight from her book of shadows has been a popular selling oil for her for years. 

This famously named conjure oil has been used for years to ward off evil, protect the home and family, and protect from evil, and malicious acts or spells. 

Use this oil on candles, such as a white cross candle, say the psalm 23 " The Lord is My Shepard" or on any white candle if you cannot access a cross candle. You can find cross candle in our candle section or in our Marlboro, NY shop location.

Luna's Fiery Wall of Protection oil is made from the finest ingredients including Rue, Snake root, dragon's blood resin amongst other ingredients. 

You can use around your home to ward off evil, use in door wash or floor wash. Use in business to ward off evil from jealous competitors etc. A powerful and protective Oil!


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