Evil Eye Talisman

  • $7.00


Evil Eye Talisman

Size 2"

The Evil Eye is a protective talisman that goes back over 3000 years to possibly Mesopotamia or before. As a protection or ward the evil or all seeing eye, wards against evil and protects one from harm. 

It comes from the idea that someone can curse you by a look, or cast an evil eye on you. This amulet  is said to protect from that curse. 

Today belief in the evil eye is widespread across Turkey, Greece, Italy, the Middle East, parts of Africa, Central America and Mexico, Central Asia and many parts of Europe. 

The belief in the power of the evil eye has evolved over time. Today the eye-like glass disks in shades of blue and white have become the representation of the evil eye itself. They are believed to prevent the curse from being cast or reflecting back the maliciousness back onto the caster.

Hang in home, car or business to draw protection and blessings. Makes a great gift.


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