Dove’s Blood Oil

  • $9.00

Doves Blood Oil.

Based on an old Hoodoo Traditional Formula, this oil does NOT contain any Blood!! 

Luna's Doves Blood Oil is made with essential oils, roots, curios and herbs.

Luna's Doves Blood Oil formula helps draw love, peace, tranquility, and success.

Helps with business negotiations, with court issues, and is said it can give you a leg up on competition.

Doves Blood Oil is said this oil has the ability to magnify energies including astrological energies which makes it good in magickal workings.

This oil can be used to anoint candles, mojos, amulets, papers, petitions etc.

This oil is made in Conjure style and is charged in a very special ritual.
This oil takes time to prepare and is conjured during the appropriate Lunar Cycle as well.

This Oil is prepared, prayed over, and magickally charged by Luna, a practicing Witch, and Hoodoo practitioner with over 20 years magickal experience.

Do not Ingest!
Item sold as Curio.

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