Double Action Uncrossing / Protection Spell Kit Reverse Curse

  • $18.00


Do you feel you have bad luck and things just will not go right? Are you being targeted? Are you under magickal attack? Do you think someone has cursed you?  Do you need added protection and to remove unwanted or negative energies?

Double Action Uncrossing / Protection Spell Kit.     Reverse Curse/ Protection Energies Spell Kit.

Comes with Double Action Black and White Beeswax Mini-Taper Candle, Self-Lighting Incense, Uncrossing/Reversing Oil, Protection/ Blessings Oil, Small Mirror, and Full Instructions.

Both oils come from Luna's Book of shadows and are proprietary blends. Uncrossing/Reversing Oil contains Rue, Thistle, Frankincense to name a few.

Protection/ Blessings Oil contains Yellow Mustard Seeds, Hyssop, and Verbena to name a few ingredients.

A spell is said to change energy and bring what you want to fruition. 

Luna's Double Action Uncrossing / Protection  Spell Kit     Reverse Curse Spell can help uncross, unjinx and unhex you and protect your from harm /ward off evil.

Item sold as curio only.


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