Double Action Candles

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 Double Action Candles.

 Double action candles work with the concentrated power of two colors to produce fast results.

Used to stop and throw or send back evil or negative works or spells directed at you, then reversing it back to the sender. Also known as a reversible candle.

Black/White:  Burn to Drive away Evil and Enemies! Reverse all Spells and curses.

Black/Red:  Use to reverse and uncross/unblock love problems quick! This candle is said destroy and remove any block that is holding you back in the love dept. After  the blocks are removed/released it can help bring love, true love, soulmate, strong marriages, new loves, and everlasting love. 

Black/Green:  Use to reverse and uncross/ unblock money and financial problems quick! This candle is said destroy and remove any block that is holding you back monetarily. After the blocks are removed/released it can helps bring fast cash, prosperity, money and abundant blessings.

These candles uncross and open roads at the same time.

Reversible Black with Red Inside: Aids in returning magic that has been worked upon you back to its source. Burn  to help return curses, hexes, and other baneful magic back to whomever cast them upon you.

All these candles are approximately 9" tall.

How to Use the Double Action Candles: (Black/White, Black/Red and Black Green Candles)

1-Butt the Candle. Carve off the tip of the white/green/ or red candle flat so that it can stand straight up when turned upside down.  Dig out the wick from the bottom of the black portion of candle as to form a new tip. 

2 Carve what you want to draw to you on the red (for love), green ( for money), and white(protection etc) portion of the candle. Use an oil to compliment that petition. 

3- Carve what to remove from you on the black portion such as "remove all evil, return to enemies known and unknown, remove all obstacles" etc. Use an oil to compliment this petition such as a return to sender, reversing oil, or uncrossing oil.

Place candle with black candle facing up, light the candle and once again pray for your desire.

How to use Reversible Candle: Black outside red inside

Carve your wishes on the outside of the candle. "Return to sender, return to enemies known and unknown. etc" Carve enemies names into candle (carve enemies names in reverse as is looking in a mirror)

Use a return to sender or reversible oil.

Place candle on mirror to return back energies to enemies. If you have a picture or want to write a petition place this face down on mirror and then place candle on top of mirror.

Light the candle. Pray over the candle and visualize your intentions and desires. 

Allow candle to burn out.

Items sold as curio only.




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