Go Away Oil!

  • $9.00

Go Away Oil!  Have you ever just wanted someone out of your life for good and didn't know where to start? Maybe you want to break up with someone? A boyfriend that won't leave?, a clingy friend or co-worker, maybe you want a co-worker to leave? This oil gives them the push they need right on out the door!

Luna's Poof! Bitch Be Gone Oil! is from her dark arts collection. It is a separation, commanding, and compelling conjure oil. This oil is not for fluffy bunnies. This oil is going to move things along! 

Made in small batches, magickally prepared and charged during the precise moon and astrological phase for that added punch, Luna's oils are made with premium ingredients.

This proprietary oil blend contains essential oils, herbs, roots, seeds, resins, curious including rattle snake bone, and skin. 

Use on candles, images of target, underneath their chair at work(very stealthy) etc. Always spiritually cleanse yourself after doing any of these dark arts workings. Cleanse your work space/altar, yourself etc. You can take a spiritual bath, use florida water etc. Minimum use Florida water after spell on your hands and work space.

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