Boss Fix Oil /Pay Back / Get off my back

  • $11.00

Are you being targeted by your boss or supervisor? Are you micromanaged? Treated unfairly? Underpaid? Do you want rid of your boss or supervisor?  Do you want them to get their karma for how they have wrongly treated you? Try the Boss Fix Pay Back Oil.

Boss Fix Oil/Boss Back Off/Get your payback/ Get rid of boss

Boss Fix Oil is made with Master Root, High John the conqueror, Calamus Root  and other proprietary blend herbs, roots and curios. 

This spell comes from Luna's Book of Shadows.

It is charged in a special ritual.

Use on a black candle to exact karma with a boss, get rid of boss/ use on a black or white candle to get boss off your back, stop micromanaging you or to give you a promotion or raise. 

Item sold as curio only.

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