Citrine Crystal

  • $4.00


Citrine is a stone of happiness, optimism, success and positive energy.  

Citrine is known as the merchant stone. It helps draws financial security, prosperity, abundance, new clients, new business, and helps increase selling power.

It is influenced by Mercury and makes it helpful during mercury retrograde.

Keep Citrine by your computer or in your cash draw to draw prosperity, business, and good energies.

Citrine is a protective stone not only protecting one's wealth but also protecting against negative people and influences.

Citrine helps you put your plans into action, helps you create what you visualize.

Citrine helps pets, rescues, settle into new environments.

It is helpful for healing digestive issues, gall bladder and liver problems. It is said to be helpful in  healing depression issues, use along with unakite, lepidolite to relieve anxiety and depression.

Citrine is a great stone for healing the earth bury on land that you feel is under stress or needs to positive energies to be given back.

This is for 1 Citrine Stone. 

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