Carnelian Stone

  • $3.00

Carnelian was used for protection for both the living and the dead in Ancient Egypt. An offering to Goddess Isis.

Carnelian rekindles passion that has faded in a loving relationship. 

Carnelian is said to help with fertility and woman's issues including Pms and menstral issues.

Use carnelian,  garnet and rose quartz together in mojo to draw love, fertility or creativity.

Carnelian helps with sexual anxiety, passion, lust, and helps draw love. 

Attract soulmate and twin flame. Sacral Chakra. 

Said to help shield from psychic attack.

Place 4 carnelian 1 each in the 4 corners of your bed to draw more passion.

Helps Eating disorders.

This is for 1 Carnelian  Stone. 

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