Bast Egyptian Cat Love Spell

  • $23.00

Do you want to draw better love energy into your life? Do you want to manifest a new love? 

<3,<3,<3 Bast Egyptian Cat Love Spell <3<3<3 

Bast also known as Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of the home, domestic issues, women's secrets and love affairs, cats, fertility, childbirth &  protects the home from evil. 

The Egyptian Goddess Bast can open doors to let your love shine! This Spell kit contains Red Cat Candle, Oil, Love Powder, Incense, Incantation and Full Instructions.

Spells can change energy. Magick has the ability to cause or manifest change with the conformity of you will. What you think you shall become. Bring in positive love Enegies with the Help Of Bast.. 

Item sold as curio only.

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