Basil Leaf

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Basil Leaf.

Basil Leaf, also known as Sweet Basil, is said to draw good fortune, prosperity, abundance, success and money, wealth, love, protection, and Exorcism.

Perfect in Spells of Luck, Money, and Success. Great ingredient in Money Drawing Oils. 

Recipe for a great Money Drawing Oil add Cinnamon, Allspice, Basil, and Patchouli to a carrier oil base like Almond oil or Olive Oil.

Basil is associated with the Vodou Lwa Erzulie Freda and Erzrulie Dantor.

Recipe for a Spiritual Bath: Dead Sea Salts, Basil,  Bay Leaf, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Roses, & Florida Water. Pray Psalm 23 "The Lord is my Shepard"

Basil draws happiness use along with Lavender flowers to draw peace and happiness in a home. Sprinkle around home to ward off evil, bring protection, and draw happiness and peace.

Sprinkle basil and roses around bed to bring more passion, lust and love. 

Carry Basil and Bay on your wedding day for a long, happy marriage.

Basil is also a great herb for fidelity, loyalty and keeping one true to you.

Luna Enchanted uses the finest botanicals, herbs, roots, berries, seeds etc. Botanicals come pre-bagged. 

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