Banishing Oil

  • $9.00

Banishing Oil! 

Luna's Banishing oil proprietary blend straight from her book of shadows has been a tried and true oil she has used for years. Use to banish bad habits, negativity, cast off evil, negative people, and situations.  You can use this oil to drive away unwanted or meddlesome people in your life. Like bad neighbors or even low self-esteem. 

Use this oil on a black candle with the target's name or the desire you wish to banish carved into candle. Rubbing the oil on the candle from bottom of candle toward the top, always in the same direction. (This direction shows that you are removing something from yourself) and always focus on your goal, visualizing it while you are dressing your candle.

This is a magickal oil, a lighter oil, unlike Poof! Bitch Be gone! This gives them a big but gentle push to be gone. Always it is good to do protection and cleansing work on yourself before and after doing any banishing workings.

Luna's banishing oil is made from the finest ingredients including an almond oil base, lemongrass essential oil, lemongrass herb and rue amongst other herbs, roots and curios.



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